Hello & welcome to Emdal Studio

I am a master artisan and designer in fiber materials - crafting soft textile concepts since 2007.

I like to transend ambience into materials with physical tools. This process is organic and kind with focus on crafting a softer way of communicating & collaborating in todays world. I move between methods that origins from poetry, fine art, cinematography, design, crafts & music.

I love creating new original concepts without classic boundaries in the field of fabrics and textiles, carving out free space to work with my senses in a human way inspired by natures changing seasons.

I work with private clients, museums, galleries, interior designers, set designers, architects, fashion brands, the hospitality industry, commercial brands, researchers, scientists & artists.

:: I adore working across disciplins to give the world new fushions ::

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Tapestry 2015.jpg