a contemporary scarf & blanket idea by emdal studio, founded in 2007

I craft the textiles in small batch series, with my own large knitting machine in Copenhagen. All textile-qualities are a fusion of 80 % merinowool & 20 % cotton. Yarns origin from Italy and Portugal.

Note: We are currently looking for retailers & partners to carry the rectangular scarves and possibly large blankets. Get in touch to collaborate: @aworldhug

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ABOUT the concept

Artisanal soft blankets and scarves, travel sized for the modern family on the road and crafted inhouse at the Emdal Studio with a vintage factory knitting machinery from 1984.

Some of the pieces are completely -one off a kind-, others are limited editions of max 5 pieces of each colour-design (see info on each product). Email us if you are dreaming of personal colours and we will do our best to make you a costume version.

We also make large blankets and throws. Get in touch to know more:

emdalstudio (@) gmail.com




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Keywords Swan Symbolics:

Purity, Love, Sun goddes, Spritual master, Partner for life

^ One of a kind - Hand made soft/heavy digital woven blanket/ bedspread/ throw

^ Jacquard woven fabric made by Artisan Signe Emdal in Textiel Lab, Holland.

^ Size: 180 x 220cm

^ Colors: Burnt dark red + light orange + melange. 2 sided.

^ Merinowool + cotton yarns. The merinowool keeps your heart transitional temperated all year

^ The textile is a result of Signes technical engineer-ish knowledge combined with her passion of tiny details in natural enviroments

^ Lead time is about 1 week. If this item is sold out you can request a smiliar one, but I cannot make the exact same one. Let me know your wish

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