Hand-knotted rug in New Zealand wool and Chinese silk, Signy by Emdal is a rug of exceptional intricacy and beauty and a sublime way to begin the Emdal x FLOOR_STORY collection. Hand-knotted in Nepal using the traditional Tibetan weave technique, the rug is an exquisite expression of designer, Signe Emdal’s work, a simplified and stripped back iteration that is breathtakingly beautiful.  

Signe Emdal, founded Copenhagen’s Emdal in 2007, where she has been creating limited-run textiles, contemporary tapestries and home accessories ever since. Creating her work on digital jacquard looms, Signe’s collaboration with FLOOR_STORY continues her narrative of strong and powerful females. Signy shares its name with a princess of Icelandic folklore, who decides to follow her husband, side-by-side, to their death in battle.

“Since I’ve always felt a great connection to Britain and particularly the style of the Arts & Crafts Movement, I’ve long wanted to collaborate with a UK brand,” reveals Signe Emdal. “I could see that FLOOR_STORY was a bold, positive brand with a contemporary style, yet very much classic beauty.

“Rugs have long been a passion of mine, their way of telling stories with ornaments and symbols is shared by the essence of my textile work. It seemed a really natural step to experiment with a tradition that dates back thousands of years. Signy is my very beginning in rugs and I hope that it is a love that endures and marks the start of a long journey.”

Joining the growing number of Goodweave certified rugs from FLOOR_STORY, Signy is made-to-order in custom sizes and colours. Hand-knotted in an exceptional 100-knot Tibetan weave, the rug exemplifies the pinnacle of rug craft.

More about the proces & how to buy this, please go to Floor Story site online: FLOOR STORY 

Text by Floor Story 2017  

Photo credit: Floor Story

Signe Emdal