-is a new handknotted rug-design made by EMDAL STUDIO 2017 for the innovative British rug company: FLOOR STORY. The rug is handknotted in silk & wool by skilled artisans in Nepal. 

....this text is from a Floor Story interview with Signe Emdal :


Can you describe your new rug?

Signy has a subtle gradient of warm red tones on a pale rose foundation. Red silk represents the strength and fire inside these strong females, the overwhelming feeling of a powerful light. It almost feels like a red lipstick contrasted against a pale Nordic skin tone.

The knotted silk fringes of Signy are inspired by macramé, a knotting technique that made its way to Europe on trade routes from the Arabic world. It was wildly popular home decoration in the Victorian era, although the technique dates back to 13th century Arabia, developed side-by-side with rug making processes.

How does the rug make you feel?

Strong and feminine at the same time. I’m amazed that my energy can translate into a handmade piece of art without having been through my hands. Signy really is a testament to the amazing artisans in Nepal that have breathed beauty into my work through their exquisite abilities and true understanding of their craft.

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Unique editions of digital woven tapestries made in 2016 as a translation and interpretation of antique textiles and the symbolic value of flowers, earth and sky, during the middle ages. Each piece is a delicate merge of traditional natural fibers from all over the world. Signe directed the high tech machine-looms into a feeling of handmade and strong historic emotions. 

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