2015/ Tapestry Wall for The National Gallery of Denmark

The show invited a selection of artist to make an interpretation of one artwork from the National gallery collections by choice. ”I want Astrid’s Rose to bloom. I want her to hold her head up high, look ahead and unfold in all her gentleness and strength, shining. Long enough, she has been standing in the shadow of her male modernist colleagues. This brave and powerful cosmopolitan paintress.” Taking the painting Rose sets the Table (1914) by Astrid Holm (1876-1937) as her point of inspiration, Signe Emdal has created a tapestry, where the roses and vibrant colours from Holm’s painting: red, yellow and pink have been woven into the structure of the textile. The flower explosion in the tapestry is a way of expressing the theme of emancipation presented in the painting, which is also core to Astrid Holm’s own biography. As a female painter and tapestry weaver, Astrid Holm fought for female artists’ rights and for the recognition in Denmark of tapestry weaving as an art form. 

ROSE springer ud i lyset: dette er de valgte farver jeg kommer til at arbejde med.jpg
Astrids rose3 © Signe Emdal.jpg
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