Emdal Studio is a modern textile artisan studio run by textile artist and artisan Signe Emdal since 2007. 

We create limited contemporary tapestries, textile decor, home accessories, and beautiful timeless textile design products. Locally made in our Copenhagen studio.





Signe is constantly working from the essence of JACQUARD (Jacquard was a french man who invented the punch card system back in 1804. Layers & patterns).

This technique is deeply rooted in her heart and therefore all work tend to merge layers of information & interpretations into textiles, through a careful proces of experiencing yarns like paint. She combines this complex mindset with her passion for the natural world, strong historic woman characters, antique symbolic objects & a profound sense of sound/movement/light. 


Emdal Studio is available all year round for creative interior consulting and development of ideas related to textile decor, colors, pattern artworks, communication, threads, symbols, product design, layers, textile construction and of course creation of textiles for identities. She has great knowledge and expertise in providing a client the perfect textile solutions with strong story and beauty included.

Feel free to get in touch with your request, big or small.

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Jacquard machinery, photo by Chris Milne

Jacquard machinery, photo by Chris Milne

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